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My scholarship has been dedicated to exploring a central question: “How can healthcare organizations effectively design and implement strategies that drive high performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and health equity? In my research, I focus on addressing two critical challenges within organizational strategies for DEI and health equity. Firstly, I investigate how healthcare organizations recruit and retain diverse leadership talent. Secondly, I analyze organizational structures, policies, and practices that influence or impede progress toward scaling DEI and health equity teams and initiatives. My aim is to expand our understanding of the DEI and health equity landscape and provide evidence-based recommendations that can be employed both in the short and longer term.


capture narrative stories that deepen our understanding of what it means to engage in DEI and health equity work in practical contexts.


analyze written communications aimed at marketing organizations as inclusive workspaces that are actively pursuing health equity.


uncover hidden themes or content that has not been explored extensively before, contributing to the broader knowledge base in the field.

PhD Transferrable Skills

Analysis & Problem-Solving

  • Define a problem and identify possible causes
  • Comprehend large amounts of information
  • Form and defend independent conclusions
  • Design an experiment, plan, or model that defines a problem, tests potential resolutions and implements a solution

Project Management & Organization

  • Manage a project or projects from beginning to end
  • Identify goals and/or tasks to be accomplished and a realistic timeline for completion
  • Prioritize tasks while anticipating potential problems
  • Maintain flexibility in the face of changing circumstances

Interpersonal & Leadership Skills

  • Facilitate group discussions or conduct meetings
  • Motivate others to complete projects (group or individual)
  • Respond appropriately to positive or negative feedback
  • Effectively mentor subordinates and/or peers
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Teach skills or concepts to others
  • Navigate complex bureaucratic environments

Research & Information Management

  • Identify sources of information applicable to a given problem
  • Understand and synthesize large quantities of data
  • Design and analyze surveys
  • Develop organizing principles to effectively sort and evaluate data 
  • Design compelling data visualizations
  • Ability to establish rapport quickly and derive themes from qualitative data

Written & Oral Communication

  • Prepare concise and logically-written materials
  • Organize and communicate ideas effectively in oral presentations to small and large groups
  • Write at all levels — brief abstract to book-length manuscript
  • Debate issues in a collegial manner and participate in group discussions
  • Use logical argument to persuade others
  • Explain complex or difficult concepts in basic terms and language
  • Write effective grant proposals

Self-Management & Work Habits

  • Work effectively under pressure and to meet deadlines
  • Comprehend new material and subject matter quickly
  • Work effectively with limited supervision

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