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As a health services researcher deeply committed to promoting health equity and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion work, I constantly ponder what health care systems can do at the organizational level to prioritize diversifying leadership teams. It’s a crucial line of inquiry because, while diversifying the provider workforce is critical, health care leadership teams are the decision-makers and play a pivotal role in shaping organizational policies and plans that directly impact patient care.


The pandemic underscored a disparity between the communication training of scientists and the skills essential for conveying messages that drive action and transformation across diverse stakeholders.

Tiffany, as a health services researcher, excels in translating intricate concepts for varied audiences, spanning healthcare and the general public. This ability holds great significance for health equity and DEI initiatives. Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, CVS Health Chief Health Equity Officer, noted, 

“When it comes to health equity, I think people often assume it’s about taking resources away from one group and giving it to another. But health equity is really not a zero-sum game. Quite frankly, everyone’s health gets better when you address those who have been historically marginalized.”

Tiffany shares this perspective. She supports senior leaders dedicated to advancing health equity within their organizations by aiding them in crafting compelling narratives and evidence-based strategies. These efforts aim to guide organizations toward a model where health equity is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of their operations. Through her engagement with senior leadership teams and her contributions to reputable media platforms, Tiffany has refined her communication skills. She effectively employs language that is candid and research-informed, while always mindful of business considerations and priorities.

She’s excited to further her healthcare career with a strong focus on health equity. Her colleagues consistently recognize her passion for the field and value her contributions to the team. She is open to working with organizations deeply committed to advancing health equity efforts.

See what it’s like to work with Tiffany

  • “When I first received Tiffany’s cover letter applying for the IDEA consultant role at my company Advancing Health Equity, I knew that she would be the perfect addition to our already dynamic team. Tiffany’s work and research focuses predominantly on racism and discrimination in healthcare and the mission of my company is to dismantle racism in healthcare and close the gap in racial health inequities. However, it has been even more of an absolute pleasure getting to know and work closely with Tiffany. Her passion and brilliance for the work shine through and she has become an outstanding and indispensable team member. I hope to continue working with her throughout what I know will be a highly successful and accomplished career.”

    -Uche Blackstock, MD, Founder and CEO, Advancing Health Equity 

  • “I have had the pleasure of knowing Tiffany for a few years, watching her achieve her academic goals, and most recently, as a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. When I served as Assistant Director of the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC) at the Institute for Health Policy Innovation (IHPI) at the University of Michigan, Tiffany worked with my team where she had tremendous success. I remain impressed by Tiffany’s deep commitment to advancing equity in healthcare for healthcare providers and patients. Her superb interpersonal skill coupled with her passion and dedication, underscore her remarkable potential to influence health equity policy.”

    Greta Krapohl, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Director at Veteran Health Affairs (VHA) National Center for Patient Safety

  • “Tiffany has contributed to our team in many ways, from researching prospective academic and industry partners to creating short form content on health equity issues for internal communications. This content has driven platforms that help educate and inspire team members, with the goal of making sure all 430,000 global employees view their work in healthcare through a lens of reducing disparities. While working in the greater ESG organization, Tiffany has not only contributed her skills and talents in researching, writing, and editing – she has crafted her skills in storytelling. Equally important, Tiffany remains a positive influence on our culture, is inquisitive, works with a sense of urgency and always brings her positive spirit into meetings and our shared work. Tiffany has positively performed at the UnitedHealth Group’s Office of Health Equity!” 

    -Barbara Koch, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Engagement, The Office of Health Equity, UnitedHealth Group

  • “Tiffany’s steadfast dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with her profound insights into racial equity, has greatly influenced and empowered me in my role as a DEI specialist at Intuit. Her perspectives and strategic guidance have encouraged me to think critically, pushing the boundaries of our work and driving impactful transformations within our organization. Tiffany’s unwavering commitment to cultivating an inclusive environment has been pivotal in shaping my personal and professional growth.”

    -Britney Peart, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist at Intuit

  • “Tiffany is a bright and innovative scholar that has shown to be a remarkably resilient leader and helpful peer. She has worked tirelessly to highlight the racial inequities in healthcare policies and structures that don’t just affect her personally but broadly many poor, targeted communities. Personally, she has been a mentor in assisting numerous doctoral candidate’s navigate their application and matriculation processes. She provided such intentional support, encouraging words, and helpful pushes. She works tirelessly to ensure that the needs of her community and scholarship do not exist only within her scholarship but also her practice, interactions, and community. She has such a promising future and the world, academia included, will always hold her dearly!”

    -Daniel Satterthwaite, M.Ed, PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland College of Education


    Diverse Talent Acquisition & Retention

    Skilled in crafting and executing recruitment strategies aimed at drawing a diverse array of candidates. Proven record of utilizing focused outreach, tapping into diverse networks, and creating inclusive job descriptions. Proficient in devising programs that cultivate enduring engagement and contentment among diverse employees, encompassing professional growth avenues and strategic pathways for progression. Noteworthy accomplishments include active contributions to initiatives aligned with UnitedHealth Group’s $100 million dollar investment in healthcare workforce diversification, serving on the hiring commitment for the University of Michigan School of Public Health’s anti-racism faculty position, and serving on the board for the Wadleigh Scholars Program in NYC to recruit and retain diverse students across the city for educational opportunities

    Health Equity

    Recognized for offering a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to the health equity space. Her dissertation, titled, “Progress or Performance? A Critical Analysis of DEI and Health Equity Efforts within Health Organizations” critically assesses what organizational characteristics influence or impede progress towards advancing health equity and DEI efforts. She has a deep understanding of racism, social justice and public health, and management and organizations literature. In conjunction with her health equity work, she has honed her health equity expertise by working with a variety of organizations including the Office of Health Equity at UnitedHealth Group, Advancing Health Equity, the Steve Fund, and the Workforce Diversity and Health Equity team at Michigan Medicine. 

    Race & Racism

    Much of Tiffany’s work is dedicated to studying the impacts of racism and inequities on healthcare workforce diversity efforts and public health. She understands and is well-equipped to address race and racism dynamics within institutions. She also supports interdisciplinary research to prevent and combat the consequences of racism. In an effort to be a continuous learner, Tiffany actively engages with seminars and events held by the Center for Racial Justice at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy.

    Organizational Management & Leadership

    Skilled in collaborating with senior and executive leadership, translating intricate organizational theories into tangible strategies. A notable achievement includes conducting interviews with over 25 Chief DEI and health equity officers nationwide. This endeavor significantly bolstered both my leadership acumen and communication skills, providing unique insights into their experiences and strategies. The interviews provided me with strong insights into how to drive initiatives that foster organizational growth and equitable outcomes.

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Experienced in supporting senior leaders translating diversity, equity, and inclusion into business solutions that address both business and people challenges. In-depth understanding of the contexts, cultures, and politics within institutions that impact implementation and management of effective DEI change efforts. Provide strategic instruction on training initiatives on cultural humility, racial equity, sexual orientation, disability, and other topics designed to increase support and awareness of DEI values.


      Selected Committee Engagement

      Anti-Racism Hiring Committee 

      • Selected to serve on the Anti-Racism Hiring Committee for the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health 
      • Faculty-Position: Anti-Racist Health Policy Analysis 
      • Selected to assist with the search to find qualified candidates for tenure-track faculty members with expertise in the fields of anti-racist policy analysis/health services research. Areas of research and teaching may include, but are not limited to: racial bias and unintended racist consequences in health, healthcare, and the data and technologies that enable health care; policy analysis of interventions for or factors related to any domains of racism – structural racism, cultural racism, and individual-level discrimination – on health or in health care. 
      • Work with other committee members to ensure we select an applicant who has demonstrated expertise in anti-racist research, agendas/and or methods, interdisciplinary scholarship experience, and a commitment to translating research into practice. 
      • Attend all job talks, meeting sessions, review applications, help inform we select the best candidate for the role, assist with expanding our recruitment efforts

        Michigan Medicine Anti-Racism Oversight Committee 

        • Michigan Medicine formed an Anti-Racism Oversight Committee in 2020. 
        • I participate in the Anti-Racism Oversight Committee charge: 1) Develop and recommend a plan around contributions we can, and must, make to eliminate racism and inequities that may exist today at Michigan Medicine, 2) Identify practices that contribute to racism and discrimination and recommend changes, if needed, 3) Identify an approach that achieves an anti-racist culture and utilize the dashboard to track the progress and outcome 

          WIDTH (Workshop for Integrating and Discussing Topics in Healthcare) Committee 

          • Selected to co-lead the WIDTH committee 
          • Led interdisciplinary forum for doctoral students to discuss dissertation topics, ideas, and results with other students and faculty with similar interests in health services research 
          • Facilitated industry and non-academic panel discussion to learn about job opportunities post-PhD

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